14 Secrets Halloween Costume Designers Want You to Know

Choosing a Halloween costume can feel like a hugely important decision to many children and adults, so we turned to costume designers and industry experts for their tips on how to come up with the perfect costume. Halloween shopping starts early It may seem ridiculously early to many shoppers, but there‚Äôs a good reason why […]

7 Things That Make Choosing A Costume For A Show A Pain In The Ass

When your team is preparing for a performance, the dancing is the biggest, but not the singular, part of the artistic process. Turning choreography into a production involves several more elements, including: staging, props, lighting- and of course, costumes! What you wear on your body is critical when it comes to dance- it can either […]

10 Expert Tips for Choosing a Costume

From finding the perfect costume to clever makeup tips, expert Cherry Snow shares her expertise for choosing a Halloween costume — and making the most of it. Read the fine print. Know exactly what costume pieces and accessories you’re getting before buying. “We’re really careful to list and detail everything that is included so there […]